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arcana \är-ˈkā-nəuh\ mysterious or specialized knowledge or info possessed only by the initiated------------------- stampede \stam-ˈpēd\ a mass movement of people at a common impulse--------------------------------------------- _____________________________________________________________________________________________ i guess this means my blog will share knowledge to empower others & start movements... i'll probably just muse

Monday, April 28, 2008

jar jar voted off idol this week?

Colleagues and friends have encouraged me for years to blog, as I'm told I occasionally have keen observations or perspectives helpful to others in the many words I waste each day.

Sometimes it's characterized as fresh, but most of the time it's probably random. Either way, apparently I'm one of those that "think different", as big agency TBWA\ChiatDay once coined for Apple. (I realize It should be "think differently", by the way. And, yes, I am using a Mac to type this, although I'm not a major Microsoft basher.) See, told you I waste words.

Anyway... I'll try to use this space to share various thoughts or things I come across that you might find useful or interesting, although I'm sure many an entry will be useless and uninteresting. This grande premiere entry will probably fall in that category. So, here goes....

"Jason Castro of American Idol, George Lucas called and wants Jar Jar back."

Separated at birth?

Jason, please forgive me!


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